Andy Falco Jimenez

Andy has provided Dog Training In Orange County California for nearly 30 years and has been called "America's Top Dog Trainer" and “King K9”.

Andy is a 6-time Number One Best Selling author (4 international #1 Bestsellers and 2 Domestic), Speaker and Provides expert testimony in dog-related cases. Specifically, Dog Sniff Evidence and Police K9 cases.

Falco K9 Academy is one of the few facilities if not the only in the world who trains Police K9 Teams (over 1000), detection dogs (of all disciplines), search and rescue dogs (including Peru and Argentina) and thousands of pet dog owners. And has been featured on the Disney Channel, Animal Planet Channel, and National Geographic. He was asked to assist Cesar Milan in the filming of his new TV show that will air in 2014. Currently, there are two documentaries in production featuring Andy and Falco K9 Academy. Falco K9 Academy has trained and provided dogs for hundreds of Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world. Andy has also been hired by the largest companies in the world including Disneyland, Anaheim; Disneyland, Orlando; Disneyland Hong Kong, The Koch Brothers, Jerry Weintraub; Long Beach Medical Center; George Washington Medical Center in Washington DC and Steven Spielberg's Starlight Star bright Foundation.

As an author, Andy’s most recent book “Dog Sniff Evidence” is a number one bestseller on Amazon. Andy has written 10 books in total, including “FALCO – Walking with God and a Dog” which discusses his time as a K9 handler and how his dog brought him closer to God.

Andy is a former police officer and K9 handler for the Anaheim Police Department in California (23 years). Andy was also assigned to the SWAT Team and a Detective in Family Crimes and Sex Crimes (SVU). Andy received a number of awards including Officer of the Year (1993) and the highest award, The Distinguished Service Award (1994).

As a business owner, Andy won the "Top Gun, Maverick Award" for excellence in implementation and effectiveness of multicast marketing (2014).

Bestselling Author

It really is amazing what a #1 Bestselling book will do for an expert. It simply creates authority and instant celebrity. Most TV show programs won't invite anyone on unless they have a best-selling book. It also adds instant credibility when someone does a search for you and one of the google references is your author page on the bookselling platforms.


Police Dog Recruit

International #1 Bestseller

This is a book written for both children and adults. There is a wonderful story written just for children and interesting facts and information for the adults. In the children's story, learn how a puppy has a dream to be a police dog and how he follows the advice of his mom and dad. Then suddenly he gets a chance to prove that he can be Police Dog just like his father and grandfather. These facts will give you (the adult) the tools to answer the questions we are sure your child will have. It will be fun to learn about how fantastic Police Dogs are and do it together with your child. Police Dogs are so fantastic and we hope you will enjoying learning how they use their nose, speed and smarts to help all of us everyday. In addition to being a Police K9 handler, Andy has been featured with Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic's "Love my Pit bull" TV Show. He is also a two time number one bestselling author with "Dog Sniff Evidence" and "Dog Training for Fun and Profit". And lastly Andy owns Falco K9 Academy in Yorba Linda, California and they are considered to be the world's premier dog trainers and often referred to "King K9".


Dog Sniff Evidence

#1 Bestseller

This book is a must read for ANY detection dog handler and Attorney. Not only are Narcotics Detection Dog Handlers called into court on suppression hearings... ALL Detection Dog Teams have the potential of being called in. You must be prepared and ready to go at any time. This book will give you all the tools you need to be ready for the day you are called into court.

As an expert, Andy testifies as an expert in any criminal or civil case involving a dog. Andy has testified in over 30 cases as a court recognized expert and reviewed approximately 100 cases in total.

As a companion to this book is an online training program of the same name. On this site, the viewer can watch over 30 videos and download several documents to assist in any legal case involving a detection. There are even videos that will assist an attorney involved in a police dog bite case. Click on this link to learn more.


The Perfect Dog Training Method

International #1 Bestseller

The focus of the Cecchi Method is not only to get dogs to behave well, nor is it only to train them. We aim to bring the behavior and emotions of dogs into correct balance and to establish a good energy between dogs and human beings. You need to enjoy your dog if you want your dog to enjoy life.

You've come to us for a variety of reasons. You may think that, because we are professional trainers with years of experience, we'll help you to change the behavior of your dog and make the dog live up to your expectations. The first thing we need to say is: Everyone who thinks like this is wrong. Most of your dog's behavior problems are the direct result of the way he has been treated by you and your family. We can address the "problems" of a dog by teaching you, his owner the best way to handle him.

This manual is the theoretical accompaniment to our private and group Cecchi Method classes. In the classes, we'll give you direction and teach you how to handle your dog. The manual will serve as a refresher course between the classes. We believe this combination will help to give you a thorough understanding of how your dog thinks and why he behaves as he does. Once you learn this lesson, you will begin to coexist peacefully with your companion.

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